Share Your Faith


The Good News

  1. God loves you and has plan for your life.
  2. Sin will destroy you and ruin God’s plan for your life.
  3. Christ Jesus died to save you.
  4. Turn from sin and entrust your life to Christ.
  5. Be Baptized and receive the Holy Spirit.
  6. Abide in Christ and his body the Church.
  7. Go make disciples.

Here are 10 simple ways to share your faith with your friends and coworkers.

  1. Say you go to Church. Seriously. This one should be easy.
  2. Tell people about the retreat/ religious related trip you went on. If people ask you where you’ve been there’s no reason you shouldn’t tell them.
  3. Share religious related movies or music. Whenever you see a great movie or hear an awesome new song, don’t you tell your friends? So why hesitate if it’s Christian? Tell them you think The Case for Christ was amazing or that you’ve got Matt Maher’s latest single in your head.
  4. Post religious quotes on Facebook/Twitter/etc. About 27% of posts on social media sites are inspirational in nature. Make yours a quote from a saint. Try some Mother Teresa: ‘Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.’
  5. Read a Catholic book in a public place. (Without putting a fake book cover on it.)
  6. Change your ringtone to a Christian song. I bet some Gregorian chant would turn some heads. . . Or maybe Britt Nicole’s ‘Set the World on Fire.’
  7. Say grace before you eat in public. Yes, this includes the food court at the mall.
  8. Sport some Catholic stuff. T-shirt, key chain, bumper sticker…you get the drift.
  9. Invite people to events. Parish Mission, Christmas Concert, retreats. I find people are really receptive to community service opportunities.
  10. Say you’ll pray for people. It also lets them know that you care and are thinking of them.