St. Rita of Cascia

St. Rita of Cascia Intercessors

St. Rita of Cascia Intercessors meet September to May on the 22nd of each month or the closest day to the 22nd if space, or any other event, causes a change to be made. The gathering place is in St. Lucy’s Chapel at 6:30pm or at 10:15am if the 22nd is a Saturday. We may also gather at St. Rita’s statue, weather permitting.

At our meetings, we will say the Novena to St. Rita, offer prayers for special intentions and listen to testimony from our members.


St. Rita of Cascia Novena and Feast Day

St Rita of Cascia – Novena and Feast Day

May 13–21, St. Rita’s Novena – Nine nightly gatherings at St Rita of Cascia’s Rose Garden on the grounds of Assumption Church.

Gatherings consist of novena litany, inspirational talks on the life of St Rita,  request for special intentions, singing, and testimonies of  favors granted.  Petition requests/thanksgiving  are collected and presented at the Solemn Mass and then forwarded to the Shrine of St. Rita in Philadelphia.

May 22, St. Rita’s Feast Day

A Solemn Mass celebration is held at Assumption Church at which blessed roses and bottles of oil* are presented to the devotees.

The distribution of blessed roses also occurs at the 9:00am and 11:00am Sunday Masses at Assumption Church prior to May 22.

*For pre-ordering novena booklet ($1.00) and bottle of oil ($2.00), contact the parish office for more information prior to May 1 of each year.


Words of Inspiration Talks


When I chose this topic, I wondered just how many times St. Rita had to use this virtue.  She always used prayer, as a way to help through her hardest moments. Her perseverance in prayer was the way that I believe helped her to cope.

It was apparent that she needed to persevere regarding her own personal desires, even though her parents arranged for her to marry one of the gentlemen of Cascia at the age of 14. Her own desire was to enter a convent but her parents would not permit it.

Her life was certainly not an easy one. Her husband was not always kind but rather rude to her but she persevered praying to Jesus to help her through these hard times. After her husband’s death, her life once again became even harder because now she had to try to contain the anger of her two sons, who wanted to avenge their father’s death. Her devotion and constant prayers to Jesus, led to her sons both falling ill before they could commit murder.

She felt that after the death of her husband and sons, she could finally enter religious life but she was rejected. Once she helped to bring peace between the rivaling parties in Cascia, she was finally welcomed into the convent, after being rejected three times.  As I reflect on her life up to this point, I can imagine the sadness and frustration that she must have felt. It is very hard sometimes for many of us to persevere with our own desires after experiencing so many hardships and road blocks.

She was so thankful and loving to Jesus that she wanted to share in his agony during the crucifixion. She was in constant prayer. Eventually, she was given the stigmata of a thorn on her forehead. She said it was a gift from Our Lord. She never complained, even though she endured constant pain until her death.

In our everyday life today, we sometimes find illnesses or even death of a close friend or family member and we try to understand why things happen that hurt us so deeply.  At times, such as this, we must reflect on the perseverance that St. Rita had and her love for Our Lord.  It was as though she knew from her early days, that Our Lord would look after her and handle all of the grief and disappointments that she encountered along the way.  It is very easy for us to lose sight of this.

St. Rita recognized that prayer and perseverance to Our Lord would give her the peace that she desired. Sometimes, it is easy to give up and not continue the fight when we feel defeated or disillusioned but this is when we need to pray to St. Rita and have her show us the way and bring us the peace that she felt. She will guide us through our hardships but we need to persevere as she did and continue to pray. She has become known as the Advocate of hopeless or impossible cases. We must not lose hope if our prayer does not get answered right away, we must persevere and continue to pray as our dear St. Rita has shown us.

Lauren Gibson


Words of Inspiration

St. Rita is, by far, the best known and best loved of the Augustinian Saints. She has become known as the Advocate of the Helpless, even the Saint of Hopeless Cases.

Part of St. Rita’s attraction is probably the fact that, during a hard and difficult life, she lived through just about all states of life any Christian woman can experience – from girlhood, through married life and widowhood, to the religious life of an enclosed Augustinian nun.

On St. Rita’s feast day – 22nd May – every year, roses are blessed for the sick and for devotees of St. Rita in Augustinian churches. Later, dried rose petals are often given to those who request them or held in reverence.

St. Rita is an example and inspiration to so many people because, in her own life, she shared the experiences of so many people in several different ways of life – wife, mother, and widow, religious – and always has an encouraging and consoling message for everyone.

Prayer Intention in Request*

“O glorious St. Rita, you have been called, ‘Advocate of hopeless and even impossible cases’ replying on your power with our merciful Savior, we ask of you….: Obtain our petitions for us if they are for the greater honor of God, and for our good. We have confidence that everyone who has recourse to you will find comfort and relief.”

Prayer Intention in Thanksgiving*

“St. Rita, we promise, if our petitions are granted, to make know your favor and to glorify God for His gift.”

*Excerpt from St Rita novena

Rita T Wood

St. Rita of Cascia Ministry – Novena and Feast Day


Library DVDs:

St Rita of Cascia Ministry – Library DVDs

 These DVDs may be borrowed.

A $25 deposit is required for each DVD.

The deposit will be returned when the DVD is returned.

For more information on how to borrow, contact the St. Rita of Cascia Ministry (Rita Wood) through the Parish Office.

Saint Rita – No Cause is ever Lost –

Saint Rita is immortalized in this beautifully photographed and moving film.  The film tells the story of her marriage, the death of her sons and her journey to bring two feuding families together in peace.  It’s the story of deep love, betrayal, tragedy and profound faith and forgiveness. It stars Vittoria Belvedere and
Martin Crewes.

Run Time 210 minutes
Language: Italian with English subtitles

Saint Rita of Cascia – The True Story

Brought to you by Ignatius Press, this docu-drama tells the life story of Saint Rita of Cascia.  Through dramatization the film brings to life the pain, sorrow, tragedy and ultimate joy in the life of our patron saint who lived in 14th century Italy.

Running time: 61 minutes