The Search

Tuesdays at 7pm
November 10 – December 22
Assumption Church or via Livestream

The Search has been described as one of the most thought-provoking and visually stunning presentations of the Gospel message ever produced. It’s first and foremost a compelling story that awakens wonder at life’s eternal mysteries. It’s for everyone; from committed Catholics to teenagers to those just searching for answers to life’s big questions.

Join us as we watch, reflect on and discuss The Search. There is no cost to participate and all are welcome to attend.  If you are participating virtually, invite a friend to watch with you and then discuss the reflection questions via phone or video chat.

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Tuesday, November 10 – What Do you Seek?

In our very first episode, we open hearts with a look at the question “What do you seek?” What is that deep longing in our hearts all about? We’re all living for something, and we all strive for that something out there that is ultimately going to make us happy. But what is it? For some, this question is on their minds every day. For others, life goes by in a flash without even asking the question.
Week 1 Video           Week 1 Discussion Guide


Tuesday, November 17 – Who Are You?
To find clues as to the meaning of life, we first look at ourselves.  Who am I? Is there more to me than matter? We talk with neuroscientists, psychologists, composers, and artists to examine the mystery of you. If you’re just a body, then satisfaction in life should come from tending to simple bodily needs.  But there’s more to you then that.  You are material and immaterial. And that unseen part of you craves for so much more. As C. S. Lewis once said, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”
Week 2 Video            Week 2 Discussion Guide


Tuesday, November 24 – Why A God?
Today we seem to think we’ve moved beyond the idea of God, but this secular view of life is a relatively new and unusual idea to humanity. All through human history man has looked to something outside himself for the answers to life. Why have we given up on God? Do we think science has disproven him? Do we think society is better off without him? We talk with astrophysicists, chemists, Harvard professors, and more to make the case that it’s not only reasonable to believe in God—it’s essential if you want to have a truly amazing life.  As St. Augustine famously said, “You have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”
Week 3 Video           Week 3 Discussion Guide


Tuesday, December 1 – What’s Our Story?
Your life is a story, and it’s caught up in the great story of humanity.  This great story, as we see in the Scriptures, shows us the amazing love story that is God’s pursuit of man. The God that is love created us so we can ultimately be with his love. We were made to be with God.  Union with God is so central to the purpose of life that we even see the afterlife in these terms. Our definition of Heaven is union with God, and Hell is the absence of him. Your life has a plot. Your life has purpose. Your life has value. We need to see how we fit into this big love story to begin to know why we exist. And that love of God isn’t
abstract—it has a face and name: Jesus.
Week 4 Video           Week 4 Discussion Guide


Tuesday, December 8 (8pm) – Who is Jesus?

The most beautiful part of this story is that we can personally know God’s love. This is the person of Jesus. But how did this seemingly insignificant carpenter born into poverty in a dusty corner of the Roman Empire become the most pivotal figure in all of history? Christianity isn’t simply a philosophy for life—the center of Christianity is a person.  Ultimately, we need to decide if Jesus really was who he said he was. We can’t sit on the fence. Because if Jesus really was who he said he was, we need to make him the Lord of our lives, and when we do, everything changes.
Week 5 Video (coming soon)           Week 5 Discussion Guide


Tuesday, December 15 – Am I Saved?
What Jesus did for us through his life, death, and resurrection was the greatest act of love in history. He saved us. He did this for each one of us. Personally. But some might feel unworthy of this gift of love. We may feel unlovable. But God didn’t come to reveal himself to us on a pedestal—he came to enter into our messy human condition. To fix us from within. To transform us from the inside out. Some might be surprised by how generous the love of God really is. We don’t deserve God’s love, but that’s the amazing reality of God’s mercy. This relationship with God isn’t all about our love for him. It’s about his love for us that changes our lives forever.
Week 6 Video           Week 6 Discussion Questions



Tuesday, December 22 – Why A Church?
How do I access this man who lived 2,000 years ago? How do I live this call of love? We uniquely encounter the love of God in his Church. But really? The Church? There are so many negative views of the Church. It’s out of touch. It’s full of bad people. It’s just too boring. Maybe when we say “the Church” we mean a little more. The Church is the family of God that’s been lovingly gathered through our entire story. It’s the place where we were meant to encounter his grace that prepares us for every step of life. The God that is love knows how we’re made—material and spiritual—and we need tangible ways to live our faith. We can’t be spiritual but not religious. This is where we’ll find ultimate happiness in life. This is where the God that has been seeking humanity, who wrote the deepest desires onto our human hearts, encounters us.
Week 7 Video (coming soon)           Week 7 Discussion Questions